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blacksmithjohnson t1_iszsp5s wrote

Explain like I'm 17 and have middling intelligence please.


whiffling_waterfowl t1_it0h369 wrote

Drinking even a little bit of alcohol can alter your gene expression (epigenetics) and make you more likely to develop Alcohol Use Disorder (aka alcoholism). This may affect people with anxiety more than others.


HurpDurp54 OP t1_iszv7ta wrote

Chromatin unravels at a particular gene involved with anxiety, leaving it susceptible to protein-gene interaction (change in dna) and priming the brain for continued alcohol use and dependence.


binz17 t1_it078mn wrote

'role in epigenetics' means that this effect is observed even in mature people? or is it still limited to fetuses?


HurpDurp54 OP t1_it0auyq wrote

Epigenetics is when the environment, or in this case, behavior and consumption of alcohol can change DNA expression. In itself, it does not affect gametes, it is simply a change in expression (it becomes available to transcription proteins). Part of the discussion describes how some people may be more suceptible to these DNA expression changes, and may explain hereditary addiction. Possibly it is a mechanism to keep the brain in homeostasis.


whiffling_waterfowl t1_it0geih wrote

susceptible (so sorry)


admcfajn t1_it0hzyh wrote

> sucestipal

That typo is so epic it's almost not worth correcting. Literally how I would mis-pronounce the word.


WeirdNMDA t1_it0tvw0 wrote

Phenotype = genotype (your genes) + environment (your life, diet, behavior, habits, etc)

Epigenetics is about the expression of your genes, i.e. chages that can occur without having a DNA change.