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nighthawk252 t1_iulx6gv wrote

The “Rich” and “religious” findings are both interesting.

Some other forms of gambling (like the lottery) are typically done by people who are not rich. I wonder if it’s because sports betting is more skill based — it’s entertainment for those who gamble rather than a prayer for better living conditions.

And religious is straight up the opposite of what I’d expect out of the average gambler since a lot of religions would consider gambling to be a Vice.


sdfgh23456 t1_ium2brx wrote

On the other hand, it's often not judged as harshly as other vices. A lot of churches even encourage some gambling in the form of things like raffles, which could totally be a gateway into other methods of gambling.


MechaMagikarp t1_iumfmvm wrote

Pretty sure the bible talks a lot about how sin is sin. There is no worse or less worse sin. It’s all bad. I’m not religious and know that for a fact. Followers of the faiths better start reading their books.


Thepinkknitter t1_iumlpg7 wrote

Well that’s just simply not true. Mortal sins are far more severe than other sins. It’s why there is a ten commandments on top of an entire library of stories.


MechaMagikarp t1_iummssb wrote

The ten commandments are not the top ten rules. They are literally the ten subjects that all other sin falls into. The “sins” that you are comparing to “mortal sin” are one in the same. Scholars from Christianity and Judaism regularly group those “lesser sins” in with the commandment that they relate to. Why? Because the ten commandments are just the major overlying principles that you MUST abide by. The lessers are quite literally variations of those commandments. Sorry but absolutely no.


Thepinkknitter t1_iumnfey wrote

Somebody skipped religion class. Feel free to read up on the difference between mortal sins and venial sins.


MechaMagikarp t1_iumpijd wrote

My bad. I didn’t realize we were only talking about the Catholic view of the Ten Commandments. I was most definitely referring to the real view of the book. Not any one of the three’s deeply opinionated views on it.


Thepinkknitter t1_iumq1en wrote

Right, you talk about religion, say for a fact that all sins in the Bible are treated the exact same way, but OH you conveniently forgot about the second largest religious body in the world. Wild.


JazzyWarthog t1_iuox7vu wrote

Catholicism doesn't exactly have a reputation to stick to the Bible's rules, quite frankly. What Catholicism says isn't always what the Bible states.

In this case all sins are treated equally per the Bible, with the only unforgivable one being blaspheming the holy spirit.


neohampster t1_ium3wym wrote

If I know anything about the average religious person they don't consider anything they do a vice because if it was a vice they wouldn't do it.


Ineverus t1_iumelly wrote

I think it's a belief in fate that would lead to someone to gamble or believe in a higher power.


Taco_Champ t1_iumepqp wrote

The Bible doesn’t explicitly forbid gambling, so I think some church going types might see it as an acceptable vice.


IndigoFenix t1_iun5f48 wrote

In Jewish law it is considered a form of theft - since it takes the form of a "transaction" in which both parties intend to win, the winner is taking money from the loser that the loser did not intend to give up.

There are ways of getting around this. The most common is that the player is paying for entertainment (so even if they lose they still got what they payed for, and no theft took place). This is only valid if the player sets aside at the beginning a particular amount of money they expect to lose and are willing to lose for the sake of entertainment, and do not spend any more than that.

You may notice that this loophole only really prevents the other party from being guilty of stealing if they win. Because of this it can only really be used among groups of friends where it is clear that everyone is following these rules, and casinos where it is assumed that the casino has already calculated how much they expect to "lose" and does not consider this loss "theft" in the case where a player wins.

I'm not sure how Christians see it.


MechaMagikarp t1_iumftoy wrote

It’s Greed, dude. I’m tired of people like you trying to find loopholes in that damn book. GAMBLING.DERIVES.FROM.GREED.


Taco_Champ t1_iumg3q9 wrote

I’m not trying to find loopholes. I’m not religious myself. Simply pointing out that the bible never mentions gambling. I think a lot of people assume it does.


MechaMagikarp t1_iumhy0t wrote

The entire book outlines what happens when you make right or wrong decisions. It also gives you a list of ten rules. The last of which specifically states how you shall not covet anything of your neighbors. To gamble is to want the money of those around you. Which is Greed. All of which is a sin and is not hard to understand.


Taco_Champ t1_iumilv1 wrote

That’s… an interpretation.

Except when I make a sports bet, my neighbor isn’t in the equation. I enter a mutually agreed upon wager with a consenting party. And in the case of the sports bettor, that consenting party (the sportsbook) has an advantage over the person seeking the bet. So, how am I coveting?


MechaMagikarp t1_iumkmu4 wrote

You’re doing the loophole thing again. Your “neighbor” is literally every other person on this planet. You say you aren’t religious but you sure are walking the same exact thought process as a fanatic whom doesn’t want to accept that they aren’t even following their faith. Kind of disgusting, even on a normal human being level. The end goal you and every better is looking for is the money. Money that you did not earn but those around you did. I could dumb this down further if you really want; but then we would be reaching room temp IQ and that’s damaging towards my own mental. So I’d very much rather not.


SunglassesDan t1_iumoq73 wrote

Perhaps if you tried dumbing it down further it might get down to a level you actually understand.


MechaMagikarp t1_iumptn8 wrote

Enlighten me? Or are you just here to get butthurt and back the wrong horse?


jonny24eh t1_iun6zuf wrote

> and back the wrong horse

Hey, that's gambling for ya


SunglassesDan t1_iunbmwc wrote

Because if you simplified your writing down to a level that you understand you will remove the nonsensical and often contradictory babbling you have been doing throughout this thread.


Sys32768 t1_iulrr9w wrote

The religious finding is interesting. I wonder if this is underpinned by a belief that the gambler will be taken care of by the guiding hand of the deity?


tjblue t1_iulx7bg wrote

My first thought was they are both engaging in magical thinking.


sdfgh23456 t1_ium229t wrote

I would also speculate that gambling is seen as more acceptable than other addictions in many religious circles. Hell, a lot of churches even regularly hold raffles and some even have bingo nights.


SnooPuppers1978 t1_ium035d wrote

If you don't believe in anything supernatural there's no way you can justify making bets on e-sports in terms of thinking you can make money considering the odds.

Only way you could justify is if you found a flaw to use for arbitrage, if you build an algorithm that was somehow much more intelligent than betting system's own, you had extremely deep knowledge of the teams playing or you were participating in fraud for one team to lose on purpose.


AlternativePool5618 t1_iumh52g wrote

I think that people are just very bad with statistics. It goes something like ‘well somebody has to win, may as well be me. ‘


Taco_Champ t1_iumdj1y wrote

I see it as some kind of release valve on other suppressed vices. And as I tell my kids, church is for suckers. And suckers will make sucker bets.


Papa_D82 t1_iup6pci wrote

"study finds that having more money than you need leads to wasting some of it, and that doing something enjoyable leads to the possibility of doing it more"


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ScienceOverNonsense t1_iupki8f wrote

Both religion and gambling involve magical beliefs and irrational optimism about one’s own personal future. People younger than about 26 have not yet completed full brain development, particularly in the region responsible for judgment. They expect to win more often than the actual odds dictate. Young men are more prone to risk-taking and are likely to have more opportunities for, and interest in, sports betting than other forms of gambling. High income allows them to indulge in these activities more readily as well.


oced2001 t1_iumf8bd wrote

Checks out. I’m old, non religious, and broke. I don’t gamble.


Ok_Personality7884 t1_iuoa65l wrote

Any adult that follow sports has no advantage over a child. Follow politics, economy or science, then we can talk.


TinfoilTobaggan t1_iup2sc5 wrote

I've NEVER in my 38 years met a sports fan that wasn't political.. And, they're usually VERY vocal & obnoxious about BOTH..