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Smooth-Lengthiness57 t1_iuptff2 wrote

Bats also transport insane amounts of nutrients into the mountains that are essential for other ecosystems


mrgrubbage t1_iuq2e8t wrote

Bats are also a camper's best friend around sundown.


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toubapsicou t1_iur7s1x wrote

The global decline of insects is a complex question, given the general lack of data and monitoring of insect populations, and the vast diversity of insects. Im not an expert when it comes to forest ecosystems but for instance, most pest insects are thriving in agricultural lands. Dozens of local declines have been reported but according to some authors, that is not enough to infer the global state of insect populations. Others disagree. A vast debate is going on in the scientific community concerning this matter, and it stems from the general lack of data. In the context of the sixth mass extinction, reported insect declines are the most alarming, but very little is known about the irreversibility of local declines and extinctions, so we cant know for sure that everything is going down. However, it doesnt look good, especially given the possible impacts of climate change. I kind of summarized my phd thesis introduction here, I dont know if it helps you in anyway given that I did not answer your question


totoGalaxias t1_iuri7ur wrote

The world is green indeed. Thanks bats and other insectivores and carnivores. Where I leave populations across species crashed due to a fungal epidemic. Bats are just amazing. Mammals that dared to fly. Impressive.