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fmfbrestel t1_iutgqxv wrote

Doesn't claim causality at all. Defensive much?

But it does open up interesting avenues for further study. People don't tend to make social media posts about the boring mundane everyday stuff. They make posts about the extraordinary stuff good and or bad. So you are going to see a decent number of posts on any parenting forum or subreddit about close calls, and rare complications and extreme interactions with strange people.

Parenting social media can be exhausting. There's little denying that.

That's why r/wholesomememes is so popular, you need some eye bleach after reading all the tragedies that get posted in r/parenting


tastyToasterStreudal t1_iutwboa wrote

If you read the study, and not just the title on Reddit, it literally does. Glad you read before commenting and presenting anecdotal evidence to support your own views though. It also isn’t defensive because I’m not a mom, and not one who joins parent groups. I was simply pointing out a large variable not being controlled for