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Tapprunner t1_iuwhvzm wrote

There should be more rangers. But comparing their numbers to random industries doesn't seem to make sense.

Are parks understaffed? Of course. Know how many regional/national parks I visit each year? maybe 3 or 4 (and I spend maybe 3 hours at a time there). I suspect a large proportion of people in the US visit staffed parks even less than that. That doesn't mean we don't need more rangers. We do.

Just saying, I'm not sure I get the point of comparing it to other industries that service many times the number of people, and much much more often.


LazyG OP t1_iuwnxc1 wrote

I think you are taking a limited view of rangers and protected areas. This is globally, and outside of the first world ranger means less park tourism guide than practical worker to secure global biodiversity and prevent species loss.

If you read the paper linked it indicates that we are globally and serially understaffing protected area management which is a big deal. Apart from maybe losing iconic big and famous species, protected areas also offer incredibly valuable ecosystem services which contribute to e.g. us having clean water and sufficient oxygen.


Tapprunner t1_iux5wbk wrote

That's why I said we do need more rangers.

I just meant that I'm not sure what the point is of comparing two radically different industries that fill totally different needs, have totally different models, and function radically different in different societies.

I'm not at all saying that there aren't good reasons for dramatically increasing the number of rangers. We should do that.


Rocketgirl8097 t1_iuzrz3y wrote

Well golf courses and hair salons can be seen as unnecessary whereas land management definitely is necessary. I think thats the point.


LazyG OP t1_iuw3zyw wrote

Quote in title is from accompanying Nature Sustainability blog

First estimate of number of protected areas staff (555k, includes all admin and related staff) and ranger (286k) in 20 years, showing systemic under-resourcing in protected areas management.


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--Turbine-- t1_iuyauo3 wrote

What is a ranger exactly, like a police officer? I'm only aware of the crime fighting Power Rangers. It's not a term I hear used outside of the US.