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alxmartin t1_iy9hff9 wrote

Hope this doesn’t disappear like so many other break throughs.


boonepii t1_iy9olvj wrote

Well solving the underlying issue isn’t as profitable as treating it

Edit: profit is what gets investors. Recurring revenue is what every CEO wants. CEO’s are now MBA graduates. MBA’s drive profit driven results. Recurring revenue is more profitable, less risky, and is the current Wall Street buzz word.

Your healthcare is now being lead by MBA’s. Ever wonder why nurses are fleeing and under staffed constantly.

Innovation requires investment. Investment requires profit. Recurring revenue is the largest trend and is more profitable than a single pill cure.

Therefore the investment gets steered towards future profit, not what’s best for mankind.


Political_Fishbulb t1_iy9q5kv wrote

This is a cop-out that ignores that what works in lab environments or on mouse models, like so many breakthroughs, often doesn't translate to actual humans fighting real cancer.

People with brain cancer die. Quickly. Dead patients aren't worth anything to pharma companies either.


EnlightenedMind_420 t1_iy9zhwb wrote

Is there any good understanding of why what so often works on mice in lab settings doesn’t actually work on humans in the real world?


boonepii t1_iyayd2p wrote

I wish I agreed with you. I mean sure, yoir not wrong.

But innovation is being directed by profit. It’s what capitalism is. The profit is Recurring Revenue, not a single event. Managing symptoms is way more profitable than healing. It’s basic business principles.

This is what is running our healthcare. MBA’s are now hospital CEO’s. Maximize revenue and minimize expenses is what MBA’s do.


One_Idea_239 t1_iy9rnn7 wrote

Idiotic comment, no one knows what cause gbm, it is a truly horrible disease that kills horrifyingly quickly, my wife lost a friend to this earlier this year. Less than 6 months from diagnosis and nothing could be done. If there is a treatment that can be made then it will be worth every single penny/cent it costs


fffyhhiurfgghh t1_iy9xvvn wrote

Brain cancer kills people quickly, there isn’t some cure waiting on the shelf but it’s just not profitable. It’s a very complicated place to deliver chemotherapy to. Do you even realize how much they could charge for something like that?


boonepii t1_iyaxhrt wrote

Highest cost for a single treatment is $3.5M because the monthly recurring treatment is $120k.


ShePlaysMindGames t1_iybjh9l wrote

This is an “ongoing profitable treatment” if you have to look at it through that stupid lens.

Glioblastoma currently has a life expectancy in months, not years. The damned article says “making chemotherapy possible” yet you want to make it fit in your stupid pigeonhole.