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Political_Fishbulb t1_iy9q5kv wrote

This is a cop-out that ignores that what works in lab environments or on mouse models, like so many breakthroughs, often doesn't translate to actual humans fighting real cancer.

People with brain cancer die. Quickly. Dead patients aren't worth anything to pharma companies either.


EnlightenedMind_420 t1_iy9zhwb wrote

Is there any good understanding of why what so often works on mice in lab settings doesn’t actually work on humans in the real world?


boonepii t1_iyayd2p wrote

I wish I agreed with you. I mean sure, yoir not wrong.

But innovation is being directed by profit. It’s what capitalism is. The profit is Recurring Revenue, not a single event. Managing symptoms is way more profitable than healing. It’s basic business principles.

This is what is running our healthcare. MBA’s are now hospital CEO’s. Maximize revenue and minimize expenses is what MBA’s do.