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Perunov t1_ivdwn50 wrote

Wait, so crimes that were reported but didn't result in any arrest would automatically "over-report" because they're comparing different stats? Or did I misunderstand something?

Part 1 along with murder include burglary, assault and robbery. Robbery's resolve rate in 2020 is what, around 30 percent? Larceny is 17%? So if you throw in those rates together you already can't compare rates of "reported" to "arrest made", and I can't find any mentions of trying to correct for this (I don't even know if you can automatically control this without manual mapping of reports).


Yes_hes_that_guy t1_ivdyk6s wrote

Crimes that were reported are irrelevant. This compares number of actual arrests to the number of arrests that are reported on the departments’ Facebook pages.


Perunov t1_ivdzmta wrote

It does not seem to be.

Quote (emphasis mine): > we identify nearly 100,000 posts that report on the race of individuals suspected of or arrested for crimes

So "suspected" is included in addition to arrests. If someone is suspected but arrest is never made, the initial "suspect" post will be counted but it won't result in matching "arrest" record for ethnic counts. Or are they misrepresenting the methodology?

It would be more useful to just compare reported arrest with actual arrest records and see how large the variation is, but then they also mention how unreliable some agencies' reporting on ethnicity is.