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Strazdas1 t1_iveocuv wrote

They removed most of the data, then got results that support their worldview.


Irish_Astronaut t1_iveuzhj wrote

I mean I get that...but what is a UCR part 1 offense? How does getting rid of it affect that data? The second bullet, what's that about?


Strazdas1 t1_ivf52v0 wrote

> UCR part 1

Part I Offenses include murder, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, arson, human trafficking – commercial sex acts, and human trafficking – involuntary servitude.

So basically any arrests for things that are lighter than that got dropped from the data.

The second bullet point is if the sum of race-categorized arrests is not the same as sum of arrests in the dataset they replaced the total with the sum of race-categorized ones. This theoretically shouldnt be an issue and are probably rounding errors.


peer-reviewed-myopia t1_ivflm7r wrote

The replacement was actually made for individual agency reports, not the whole dataset. So, definitely not just rounding errors.