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thetransportedman t1_ivh2qrv wrote

This isn’t new. Each baby is a 9-mo pause on menstruation which is the growth and death of endometrial cells which is carcinogenic in nature


footcandlez t1_ivh5gkv wrote

What's new is right there in the article:

“While previous studies have shown multiple pregnancies and using the oral contraceptive pill can reduce the risk of endometrial cancer, this is the first study that used genetics to study multiple risk factors at once.”


DavinaCole t1_ivhf1s2 wrote

So stoping periods via birth control would in fact do the same thing?


thetransportedman t1_ivhi4wv wrote

Correct, similar association have been shown


Tony2Punch t1_ivhlz4f wrote

This study was targeted at genetically studying multiple risk factors.


thetransportedman t1_ivhpnny wrote

The genes mentioned are ones associated with increased child births a la fertility genes


glycophosphate t1_ivi2nbk wrote

I had my uterus removed. That got rid of the risk of both babies and endometrial cancer at the same time!


DarkHater t1_ivi6m7n wrote

Badda bing, badda boom! Like petting two dogs with one hand.


thereisafrx t1_ivic2ff wrote

Soon, procedures like this likely will be illegal to do electively, because the republican government wants to tell women what to do with their bodies (unless it's get a life-saving vaccine for the public good...).

It's the next logical step after they outlaw birth control pills (which is already being worked on).


Plane_Chance863 t1_ivktk4j wrote

Actually I've read about women complaining that their doctors refused such procedures because hey they might want to have kids one day!


Strazdas1 t1_ivj7c21 wrote

Thats only small part of the world, though. And can be changed through voting.


KeybladeMasterAqua t1_ivhkcyy wrote

And then there is a chance of dying in childbirth. You can’t get cancer if you died bleeding out during labor, right?


juspooped t1_ivhcd1l wrote

More specifically, estrogen causes endometrial hyperplasia which is increased number of cells growing. More estrogen exposure = more endometrial cell growth. In pregnancy, there’s a 9 month pause on that cyclic rise and fall of estrogen.


gambitz t1_ivi2rye wrote

I had an IUD for 10 years and no period during that time, wouldn’t that effectively do the same but better since I was no longer menstruating?


MunchieMom t1_ivi5rl2 wrote

Oh so I can just suppress my period with birth control and have it way easier?

Except for the part where I have endometriosis. That can't be good in light of this study.


Spiffy_Pumpkin t1_ivjhajn wrote

I'd imagine getting it removed via hysterectomy or endometrial ablation is just as if not more effective then, right?


LemonTheTurtle t1_iviyts0 wrote

It's more than 9mo actually. Women don't have menstruation few months after giving birth. It differs from woman to woman but it's definitely longer than 9mo. That's why many people think they can't get pregnant in the few months after giving birth but that's obviously wrong