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OfLittleToNoValue t1_ivorr0q wrote

I understand sound to be the consecutive vibration of atoms which is why sound cannot traverse a vacuum. For light to traverse space is my understanding that is that photos are some kind of discrete particle with mass and that's why things like solar sails work.

From what you're saying, the interaction of the fields creates photons. Is this energy converting into matter and the genesis of a discrete particle?


Rodot t1_ivorv7u wrote

Photons do not have mass. They do carry momentum though.


OfLittleToNoValue t1_ivosz7x wrote

Man I feel dumb. What is a photon made of then? It's just energy that flows and glows until it dissipates? Thanks for humoring my ignorance!


Rodot t1_ivqj6cx wrote

Photons are made of photons. They are fundamental particles