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pseudonominom t1_ixq8rxu wrote

Yes, it resulted in mass extinctions, then, too.

This time it’s happening at 10x the pace.

Humans only live ~70 years, so we’re not too good at seeing ourselves boiled in the pot.


Sillloc t1_ixq9n1u wrote

It's funny how the article is about science deniers and there's so many here on the sub. Literally all the first comments were from people saying nothing bad will ever happen


Detectorbloke t1_ixqhyh3 wrote

I wonder if those are real people with nothing better to do, or computer programs polling certain buzzwords to them post a generic reply. Take this "the climate has changed in the past" argument. It has nothing to do with the article, yet it could be posted under any article on global warming.

Edit: after looking at their other activity I conclude that either someone programmed a horny algorithm, or it's just a pubescent boy.


TickTockPick t1_ixqw2vs wrote

>Humans only live ~70 years

That's only due to fossil fuels. Around 120 years ago the global life expectancy was around 32 years old... Cheap energy is a requirement to lift people out of crushing poverty.


wealhtheow t1_ixr9se5 wrote

Fun fact, the biggest contributing factors to increased life expectancy have actually been public health initiatives like sewage management, water treatment, hand washing, and vaccines.


Dave10293847 t1_ixrgxwn wrote

You do realize those things take electricity to run and produce right. But I think I understand your overall point of luxuries not being the reason we live a long time.