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chrisdh79 OP t1_iy47xpd wrote

From the article: A new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior reveals the relationship between jealousy, the gender of both the partner and their rival, and the type of infidelity (sexual vs. emotional). The study included a large group of individuals identifying as heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual.

The research found that individuals were consistently most jealous of rivals that were of their own gender, except in the case of bisexual women. Bisexual women were most jealous when their female partners were involved with men. The research team states, “jealousy was influenced by sex and sexual orientation of the individuals, sex of the partners, and also by sex of the rivals: same-sex rivals were perceived as most threatening.”

Prior research on the origins of jealousy had found that jealousy was often highest when there was a “reproductive risk.” In other words, if the partner was at risk of becoming pregnant, the jealousy was more intense than what would be found in other scenarios.

Heterosexual men have been shown to be the only group more concerned about sexual affairs than emotional ones. It appears that in heterosexual relationships, from the male perspective, the reproductive risk their partner takes if they are sexually unfaithful triggers feelings of jealousy.

Study author Jaroslava Varella Valentova and colleagues sought to explore the complexities of diverse romantic pairs, the various potential rivals, and the different types of infidelity (sexual or emotional). As stated by the research team, the goals were to investigate “the possible effects of sex and sexual orientation of the individual, and sex of the partner and rival on reported sexual versus emotional jealousy.”


JimmiRustle t1_iy4wb3k wrote

I mean yeah. My GF is way less jealous when I’m around straight men or gay women than when I’m around gay men or straight women.

Nice to know it’s not a coincidence.


MisterBilau t1_iy4mlnr wrote

What you mean, may? This is obvious. I only consider competition that which is similar to me, that which offers an equivalent, but better thing. If my girlfriend cheats on me with a guy, I’ll think “what does this guy have that I don’t”. If it’s with a girl, the answer is obvious - it’s nothing to do with me. I can compete with another guy, I can’t ever compete with a gal, if that’s what the other person desires.

I’m not saying it’s excusable - we would probably break up either way. The difference is that if it was a guy, it would mess up with my head, like I would always feel like it was on me, that I wasn’t good enough, etc. if it was with a girl, it would be just… that’s what they want, and we’re incompatible. There’s nothing I could have done. Much easier on my mind, no doubt about it.


sharksandwich81 t1_iy683eq wrote

“This is obvious” isn’t the same thing as doing a scientific study.


SK8_Triad t1_iy6osqo wrote

Uh yeah this was already known by everyone


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Personal-Tip-8876 t1_iy6flpk wrote

im a gay man and when i see a gay couple i am jealous of both of them. they both could have dated me but chose each other. it’s a double whammy. jealousy aint pretty


Kelmon80 t1_iy76fw4 wrote

For their next study, they will research whether seeing a rich playboy banging supermodels makes people more envious than when seeing a homeless drug addict prostituting themselves for their next hit.

Because clearly, this is a complete mystery as well.


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hyenacry t1_iy4f5ww wrote

It technically could be. Jealousy causes a stress response and that can cause possible methylation on the corresponding genes which can be passed down generation to generation.


Gayfunguy t1_iy6nt5s wrote

Women need to stop the mate agression with me. I dont want your weeble boyfriends.


nyxnars t1_iy4cegx wrote

I find this to be a weird article because jealousy is caused by a feeling of inadequacy.


Telltwotreesthree t1_iy4g4uu wrote

I do wonder about how they define it.. psych is a fuckin mess. It's not a study on neurological-jealousy that I can see (brain wants what someone else has).

From reading the article, they are defining jealousy as:

"being upset with romantic partner b/c of their relationship with another person"

Or something like that. Which is super dumb. You can be pissed at your spouse or their paramour without being "jealous"


nyxnars t1_iy4gmpu wrote

Ok cool! Someone else is wondering about this study. I would prefer to be able to read any study that comes out without having to fight with a paywall...

But yeah, Psychology is an intangible science


hopkins-notakpopper t1_iy5ktqr wrote

I think jealousy is a illusion. Love itself is an illusion.