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Thopterthallid t1_ixkjt69 wrote

Imagine living on a planet orbiting one of these stars. The night sky would be so black... We wouldn't even know about other galaxies or even other stars until so much later. Kinda a scary thought.


wankerbot t1_ixkpy0b wrote

a preview of every location in the universe, when the only thing that remains is black holes


IntergalacticSpirit t1_ixlaeje wrote

Which is just the short era before the Iron Star epoch, which will be the longest stellar era by far. Eclipsing even the relatively short by comparison Black Hole epoch in duration. Potentially lasting until the universe accidentally resets.


chucksutherland t1_ixkxaj9 wrote

Because they are younger, and less metal rich, does that suggest something about the frequency of events which hurl these stars into the inter-galactic positions they are in?


unswsydney OP t1_iy1v3y4 wrote

Hi, u/chucksutherland - Here's a response from Dr Cristina Martínez-Lombilla


>This fact does not necessarily say anything about the frequency of events (i.e. interactions between galaxies). However, partial tidal stripping of the stars in the outer parts of galaxies (which is what we propose as the main IGL formation driver) is a very likely process as it is more easy to strip some stars from the outer parts of galaxies than a total disruption of a whole galaxy or a major merger, which are other possible scenarios. So, at least for the moment, we cannot say how many interaction events have suffered this group os galaxies but we can say that partial tidal stripping of galaxies if a common process.


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