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dadaesque t1_ivumhhu wrote

Buddhist centers often have options for those who have trouble paying, and mental health providers sometimes will offer a sliding scale. Insurance might cover it if it’s through a health provider. But they are fairly intensive 8 week programs, and instructors have to go through a standard training and certification program, so it’s quite an investment to run them, and I don’t know that you’d be able to find one completely for free, though there might be a recorded or self paced version you can access.


Significant-Hope-108 t1_ixysvxx wrote

UMass is a quality program. Honestly though, you could get the MBSR workbook off amazon and work through it.

The teacher in an MBSR course really just hold’s space for the group discussions. Most of the work is done via meditation practice.

So, combining the workbook with a daily practice could still be helpful. You would just miss out on the group discussion portion of the class.

Some people get a lot of value out of group discussions, so I do not want to diminish that. If you can afford the full live class, I highly recommend it. If you cannot, the workbook and a meditation app would mostly suffice.


MephIol t1_ixzzujt wrote

While I feel you, I also pay 150/hour of therapy so these program costs are relatively cheap for the benefits. Well, extremely cheap. The accountability and feedback from trained experts is worth a ton of value


turbulent_toast_ t1_iy03cbq wrote

You can read the text Full Catastrophe Living which discusses the development and use of this type of program and then you can follow it through each week.