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MegaChip97 t1_ixyi2vl wrote

> I am unable to meditate. My ADHD-I and GAD and depressive mind just can't really focus or turn off the rest.

Thats a false thinking. The "goal" of mindfulness training is not turning your mind off or focussing. It's like saying because you cannot lift lots of weights weightlifting is nothing for you.

Mindfulness is a metacognitive training. You train your metacognitive ability, e.g. noticing your cognitions, through doing exactly that. Meditation is boring. Your mind wanders off. You try to notice that and come back to your breathing. Again and again and again. Just like lifting weights is lifting them again and again and again.

A "still" mind is often a side effect of that, but it is not what you must achieve while meditating for it to be effective :)


BlackViperMWG t1_ixyrso3 wrote

Honestly it still sounds the same.


MegaChip97 t1_ixys10p wrote

Your mind having a hard time focussing is not a problem because the goal is not to have a focussed/clear mind. The goal is the training and that happens through losing focus and then coming back to the present moment. That just means your training is more intense. You not being able to focus is not a failure


BlackViperMWG t1_ixz14eb wrote

But what is the goal in that case?


MegaChip97 t1_ixz21s0 wrote

Improving your ability to notice your own thoughts, feelings and emotions, and coming back to the present moment when you are not there.