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mnkyby123 t1_ivqgyfm wrote

Not to put too fine a point on it but isn’t that just true of humans in general? Like, it’s cool that this study was regional and therefore studying more specific social structures but it’s not exactly a shocking conclusion.


khinzeer t1_ivs0di1 wrote

There isn’t much research done on folks in subsaharan Africa. While this shouldn’t surprise anyone, it’s cool/good that this research is being done.


mnkyby123 t1_ivsby9i wrote

Oh yeah I 100% agree (I apologize if it wasn’t clear above but I essentially said exactly that)


Rodgers4 t1_ivqifns wrote

It’s been proven time and again that healthy relationships can increase your mood and even your lifespan compared to being alone. Humans were meant to be in packs.

But, they have to be positive relationships.


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TheGoochAssassin t1_ivteddi wrote

It feels like the posts in this sub have been lackluster recently. Just stuff that amounts to "sad people commit suicide more" or "people who get along with their parents grow up better". Stuff that just seems obvious I guess.


QncyFie t1_iwrzetw wrote

Isolation is one thing, being scrutinized and critiqued while isolated for the way you are is not mentally sustainable.