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birdieponderinglife t1_ivsa42m wrote

Oh please, you think men are interested in using another man's sperm to make their baby? From experience doing fertility treatments men are a barrier. Often. Won't do the sperm analysis-- what if he finds out that he's not the virile sex god he thought he was?!?!?!?!?!?! Won't agree to using another man's sperm ("then it won't be my baby"). Would rather put their wife through painful and invasive testing to see if she's "the problem" before taking any hits to his ego or putting in the smallest effort. It's ridiculous. I can't imagine deeply religious men being more reasonable about this.


Prince_John t1_ivsp9v0 wrote

Good job projecting your issues onto the couple in the article.


birdieponderinglife t1_ivt13gs wrote

It’s not “my issue” since I’m a lesbian. I’ve seen it go down enough times for others doing fertility treatments to know it’s a thing. This particular couple “left it up to god” and luckily for them science saved their child.