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SippyTurtle t1_ivsr63k wrote

That's awful. I've had one patient with it as well so I'm a bit familiar with the condition. My understanding is that it's not so much overproduction as much as it's the mast cells being super sensitive to everything. Are there certain foods you're able to tolerate or do you have to survive on specific nutrition supplements?


TheXtraReal t1_ivtrlwg wrote

I am reactive to food. I'm still on my journey to learn and document but that's an exhausting task.

I also react to smells, like smoke and various other environmental aspects.

I don't eat much, say in an episode state. I've dropped 30lbs since March '22.

Another fun bit is it was confirmed I also had a rare water allergy. I found a high pH water I can consume but is hard to stay hydrated.

I don't react to orange juice, soooo yummy!