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socokid t1_ivtmxnb wrote


That's one heck of a paywall. Wish I could see the images, though!


shiningPate OP t1_ivtnxsj wrote

Originally saw the info on but some of the mods on this sub routinely ban posts to Here's the news article with the images in it


Tanagashi t1_ivvjn8j wrote

Ok, so it's actually cooler than the title suggests. The gravitational lensing shows the same supernova at three points of it's life days apart - simultaneously. So three images around the galaxy at the same time, with varying degrees of brightness. Distances the light travels around the galaxy must be truly vast for such delays.


shiningPate OP t1_ivz9ime wrote

Struggled with capturing the full concepts of its coolness in a post title of reasonable length


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maskedmex t1_ivyesq1 wrote

Thanks for the English translation