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whoa_dude_fangtooth t1_ivz2zaf wrote

The single incidence is negligible but cumulative effects are the issue.

As my mom used to say- what if every person picked a leaf off the tree?


glieseg t1_ivz4o0z wrote

This precisely. It's the same argument about volcanoes. Yeah, they release a huge amount of CO^2 in a single eruption, but compared to the total emissions of cars, then volcanoes does nothing.


avogadros_number OP t1_iw0m57u wrote

Let's try to add some reality instead of playing with metaphors. All cumulative scenarios are just that... cumulative, but some are more important than others, and some are fallacious (ie. slippery slope). Here, this leads to 0.000018C of additional warming over a 20-year period and is then reduced as time goes on. You would need over 11,000 of these events to add an additional 0.2C of warming. The reality is that this event has negligible impact on our climate:

>“Such a tiny warming cannot be perceived in ecosystems or human society,” explains Dr. Xiaolong Chen, first author of the study.


avogadros_number OP t1_ivyydv6 wrote

Study: Negligible Warming Caused by Nord Stream Methane Leaks


>Unanticipated sabotage of two underwater pipelines in the Baltic Sea (Nord Stream 1 and 2) happened on 26 September 2022. Massive quantities of natural gas, primarily methane, were released into the atmosphere, which lasted for about one week. As a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, the potential climatic impact of methane is a global concern. Using multiple methods and datasets, a recent study reported a relatively accurate magnitude of the leaked methane at 0.22 ± 0.03 million tons (Mt), which was lower than the initial estimate in the immediate aftermath of the event. Under an energy conservation framework used in IPCC AR6, we derived a negligible increase in global surface air temperature of 1.8 × 10^(−5) °C in a 20-year time horizon caused by the methane leaks with an upper limit of 0.25 Mt. Although the resultant warming from this methane leak incident was minor, future carbon release from additional Earth system feedbacks, such as thawing permafrost, and its impact on the methane mitigation pathways of the Paris Agreement, warrants investigation.


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SftwEngr t1_iw181cw wrote

Methane doesn't last long enough to cause any trouble whatsoever, but it's certainly used to scare people...a lot!


WALNUTSH2279 t1_ivz4idr wrote

How about all the pollution from John Kerry's private jet?


Many_Algae_2436 t1_iw0nkvw wrote

Oh yeah?lets find out who did fund this research, maybe the oil companies? Do you still trust what NATO says? A 100km fissure running for weeks and you still believe envioremental research? All they did was lying for decades, as if it was accurate at all.


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stu54 t1_ivz8n0d wrote

That is the point of the article. Some people got worried, but anyone familiar with the scope of the climate situation knew that that gas leak was a drop in the bucket.


avogadros_number OP t1_ivz0nyv wrote

>Did anyone actually think that this would possibly affect the globe in any even measurable way?

Catastrophists such as those with "Extinction Rebellion"


AdSea9329 t1_ivz3yoj wrote

I am actually shocked that this single event causes such a high impact on a global scale. Considering it is a single event, it's quite concerning; think about the potential of the industry.


NyJosh t1_ivz46l9 wrote

That’s the point. I doubt it did. This is likely someone’s heavily biased assumption / estimation that they typed up specifically to post online so they can “prove” it was an eco-disaster. I call nonsense.


AdSea9329 t1_ivzedom wrote

even if, the order of magnitude should be more or less correct, even if inflated by a potency of 10, it is still relevant. in general human impact is that big. i've worked in the oil industry, mainly russian and east europe stuff. there is other stuff that's fucked up on a big scale, toxic stuff you don't even imagine exsists.