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_dauntless t1_iw0e48h wrote

The title and article both make it seem like being sociable leads to better gut biomes, when the study just shows that they're correlated.


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insaneintheblain t1_iw0e5fk wrote

All titles are editorialized


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insaneintheblain t1_iw0x6fw wrote

From the article

> Social connections are essential for good health and wellbeing in social animals, such as ourselves and other primates. There is also increasing evidence that the gut microbiome – through the so-called ‘gut-brain axis’ – plays a key role in our physical and mental health


Strange-Ad1209 t1_iw0djpk wrote

Well considering primates Eat what they groom from another they obviously ingest microbes and viruses from another primate as they groom them. I don't recall this activity occuring with modern humans since soap and water was invented or earlier when olive oil and strygals were used to scrape dirt off of other humans in Roman baths. Attempting to connect microbiomes within Primates because of mere "connectedness" without adding this ingestion process is disingenuous especially if trying to also connect this with microbiomes and "connectedness" among humans.


AtomicPickles92 t1_iw1ciaw wrote

I want to be socially connected, but I am finding our society is not set up in way that is very supportive of that.

Or maybe I’m just unlikeable


series_hybrid t1_iw0kg0e wrote

So...if you want to be a human with a healthy and diverse gut microbiome, groom your fellow humans by picking out any ticks or skin flakes they have on their back, which they can't reach themselves.


pissremiss t1_iw27ezc wrote

Monkey finger. Digital fecal transfer. Little dorks probably got poop everywhere


nick1812216 t1_iw2apg1 wrote

I struggle with social anxiety and loneliness and all these articles are like ‘you’re probably gonna die’


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