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Thisismyvpnaccount t1_ixqgvcw wrote

Wishing you all a blessed and prosperous day


PistolCowboy t1_ixqh572 wrote

I almost scrolled right past this comment


LastResortFriend t1_ixrrbi0 wrote

Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!

Ahhh, sweet attention.


Immediate_Dealer3698 t1_ixrytp9 wrote

I made it to "wishing" then read this comment before going back to finish what the rest of it said.


trashguitarist t1_ixqikg3 wrote

I mean, when I see a comment pre-hidden I get excited


Somehow-Still-Living t1_ixqoagn wrote

Who doesn’t? It’s just interesting to see what was such a bad take that it got hidden.


deletedtothevoid t1_ixterb4 wrote

I'm gonna shoot myself in the foot here. I have done put a comment out trying to show support while also preaching to co exist and work together. I worded it terribly and got bombarded for it.

Not all are bad takes. Some are just people who really can't get the point across clearly. I honestly need a translator with how bad I can be at times.


LessHorn t1_ixu31hq wrote

I relate. It’s difficult to preach co-existence. It requires effort to avoid oversimplifying and to argue for both sides in a nuanced way. It’s quite scary. Binary thinking is prevalent on both sides.


[deleted] t1_ixqmz8k wrote



notsureifdying t1_ixu3283 wrote

I personally think it has led to massive collective overreactions. Negativity spreads hard these days.


LoveThieves t1_ixu7zzi wrote

also history, people were more fascinated in live Greek plays thousands of years ago about stories of hell and violence than watching live plays about heaven and positivity.

not much has changed except it's on your phone instead of some ancient organized play you have to go to a giant Greek/Roman colosseum in your tunic and sandals.


DaveinOakland t1_ixqjmit wrote

Not sure why a study is needed for something people have known about human nature for thousands of years.

I think Caesar had some quotes about people being willing to fight against things they hate more than they are willing to fight for things they love.


HydrogenSun t1_ixql3ah wrote

To quantify and deepen our understanding. All science starts from observations.


Strangelet1 t1_ixqmx64 wrote

That is lovely and good, but we shouldn’t forget there is a ton of worthless research out there, driven by the promotion and graduation schemes with which we incentivize scientific research. There is only so much grant money available.


RLDSXD t1_ixqnqlv wrote

The only worthless research is poor quality or redundant research. As long as the data is reliable and new, it’s valuable.


Muscadine76 t1_ixqvc3z wrote

Even “redundant” research can at least sometimes have value. Certainly at some point there are diminishing returns, but currently we undervalue reproducing findings.


RLDSXD t1_ixrt3b0 wrote

It’s hard to be accurate within an amount of text that most people will find digestible, at least for me. Replicating positive results is a good thing and I wouldn’t consider that redundant. But if it’s something like “We’ve poured chicken broth on dryer lint and it didn’t produce gold”, we only need a couple studies (again, as long as the data and methods used were solid) before more start becoming redundant.

If we do something and nothing happens, it’s good to try a couple times and be sure that technique doesn’t do anything. More than that is redundant. If we try something and it does work, then I’ll welcome far more trials confirming it does work before I start tossing around the word “redundant”, especially if those trials are by other people in other places.

Semantics get annoying, as well. But I see what you’re saying.


South_Data2898 t1_ixr9gw0 wrote

Seriously, of that the fields that needed to learn that lesson the one that needs it the most is Psychology.


TheLinden t1_ixr2d65 wrote

I appreciate the study but twitter employees already knew that.


amadeus2490 t1_ixrht01 wrote

Founding members of Facebook held public lectures on it, saying that they noted people wanted to argue in the comments so they wound up rigging the whole site to rile people up.... and indirectly manipulated news websites to make more inflammatory headlines and op-ed pieces, too.


TheLinden t1_ixsclov wrote

Yeah it is worrying.

I remember news about japanese twitter getting more chill after twitter employees got fired by elon.

It went from toxic politics arguments to idols, anime and other entertainment stuff.


kirby1 t1_ixqlg9d wrote

Idiotic stupid garbage this sucks.


zirklutes t1_ixqmzwn wrote

I can tell you that by my own research. Writr something positive in reddit and you get no responses. But if it's something contraversial or bad just wait. :)


randomdude315 t1_ixqo9mg wrote

Thank you so much for posting this Op. You are truly an inspiration.


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Conan776 t1_ixqhliw wrote

The thread counter says there are 9 comments but I can only see 3 of them. Presumably, the other 6 are just too positive.


sourpussmcgee t1_ixqo7u7 wrote

That’s because people are looking for a fight when on social media.


sasquatch50 t1_ixqod7v wrote

No surprise. Our brains are wired to respond to negative stimuli more than positive to increase survival (avoiding danger, bad food, etc).


hopkins-notakpopper t1_ixqr9ri wrote

Study finds that receiving a shot on the head hurts more than not receiving.


Commie_EntSniper t1_ixquwv1 wrote

I'm getting the impression we're genetically wired for negativity and I hate that.


f1-freak t1_ixr2nsw wrote

Didnt the same rule apply for newspapers?


CurtG79 t1_ixr67xi wrote

Social media companies have know this for years. It's why the constantly promote posts that will garner negative attention.


MightyWhiteSoddomite t1_ixr7a6r wrote

The stuff science is showing us now is the exact kind stuff that is leveraged by social media to keep engagement on the disinformation and outrage that is currently a cancer to our society.


funkme1ster t1_ixra0ol wrote

While this is consistent with other research on the matter, it seems to focus on emotional processing.

I wonder to what extent this effect is in part a simple byproduct of the brain performing information triage and flagging things as "for follow-up" or "resolved". It stands to reason there's a strong overlap between "everyone is happy" and "nothing here needs your attention", as well as "there's a problem" and "action needs to be taken".

Music theory has explored how note progressions that feel "unresolved" are attention grabbing whereas chord progressions that resolve to the root feel plain and complete.


DaymanFOTNM28 t1_ixrefqn wrote

I know that for myself I have a bias in that I assume negative comments are more genuine than positive comments


RRoyale57 t1_ixrlv8l wrote

A lie will travel the globe 6 times before the truth gets it shoes on


Takeonlyone t1_ixrs1v5 wrote

We live for the angertainment society feeds us.


DarthDregan t1_ixruao4 wrote

Why do they keep doing this study? It's like seven of these things are posted every year with the same result.


SoldMySoulForHairDye t1_ixrw7uf wrote

I mean. Yeah. I'd also notice it more if someone threw a full dog poop bag at my face vs someone casually saying hello in my apartment car park.


BMLortz t1_ixs1ze7 wrote

On tech forums, if nobody is answering a question, responding incorrectly will usually draw out an expert to correct you and thus provide the OP with the answer.
People will correct an idiot with much more vigor than they will help a noob.

Is there a scientific term for this behavior?


geemoly t1_ixsdb32 wrote

I think people focus on critiques because it's the best way to improve yourself. You see where you're going wrong and you can take steps to correct it. The problem is most criticism isn't constructive but insulting to the reader.


DawnOfTheTruth t1_ixssf2l wrote

People see a need to defend against the negative and either like, thumb up, or up-vote whatever positive things that don’t require further input. So they are going to read and probably reply a defense to the negative I’d think.


deletedtothevoid t1_ixte7bw wrote

We all know it and do practically nothing to solve it. Youtube did a somewhat good move with the dislikes. They really should have kept them for educational content though so we can check if the channel source is credible or not.

Polarization is so much worse than it was 10 years ago. I could agree to disagree then. It is getting hard to find people like that today. We need to learn to co-exist.


grosstonsils t1_ixtelaj wrote

Do positive comments include humourous comments, or just purely complimentary in nature?


Th3_Dom t1_ixts630 wrote

Not surprising; it's similar to Cunningham's Law. Negativity is more likely to elicit a response.


-Coffee-Owl- t1_ixu7j2t wrote

This is simply why social media don't really fight with toxicity. It's profitable.


LoveThieves t1_ixu7rpy wrote

Um....this is old news, historians figured that out thousands of years ago when ancient Greeks (and Christians) used to throw live plays/theater in their sandals and tunics and everyone wanted to watch all the evil and negative plays about Hell and Fire cause it grabbed everyone's attention ... the ones about heaven and positivity were boring AF.


Frequent-Pear8260 t1_ixqkx8g wrote

True words spoken here…some people are negativity oriented that Positivity is foreign to them….how about a study on how people can be ok without hurting themselves because of how they feel about themselves!!!


ClaptonBug t1_ixqmivh wrote

YOU nothing, you are a gem and you deserve the best in life. Hugs and kisses


comatose1981 t1_ixqrce3 wrote

It took a "study" to confirm this? Who gives money to this crap?


Asleep_Tank_5992 t1_ixrx5o6 wrote

I believe that, coutry is full of miserable gits now