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semperfestivus t1_iwaxpcv wrote

Gee that means that for almost 294,000 years those people couldn't be saved and went to purgatory, ... something doesn't compute.


BloodthirstyBetch t1_iwbdnh1 wrote

What makes you say that? I’m genuinely curious.


AdamDuke t1_iwbikdl wrote

When was the flood


BloodthirstyBetch t1_iwc4y9h wrote

According to, the flood took place around 1656AM when Noah was 600 years old. I’m assuming that’s the flood you mean.


ProximaC t1_iwcixvq wrote

Nah, the idea of purgatory didn't exist until around 1200 AD.


plumppshady t1_iwcj12o wrote

Yea, what doesn't compute is the religion you based that opinion off of. Find what you believe to be constantly contradicting well agreed upon science? Then your beliefs are the "doesn't compute" factor in the equation.