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marketrent OP t1_iwa77q0 wrote

Eduardo Mayoral, Jérémy Duveau, Ana Santos, Antonio Rodríguez Ramírez, Juan A. Morales, Ricardo Díaz-Delgado, Jorge Rivera-Silva, Asier Gómez-Olivencia & Ignacio Díaz-Martínez; 19 October 2022.

Abstract excerpt:

>In this paper, we report new Optically Stimulated Luminescence dating that places the hominin footprints surface in the range of 295.8 ± 17 ka (MIS 9-MIS 8 transition, Middle Pleistocene).

>This new age implies that the possible track-makers are individuals more likely from the Neandertal evolutionary lineage. Regardless of the taxon attributed to the Matalascañas footprints, they supplement the existing partial fossil record for the European Middle Pleistocene Hominins being notably the first palaeoanthropological evidence (hominin skeleton or footprints) from the MIS 9 and MIS 8 transition discovered in the Iberian Peninsula, a moment of climatic evolution from warm to cool.

>Thus, the Matalascañas footprints represent a crucial record for understanding human occupations in Europe in the Pleistocene.

Scientific Reports, DOI 10.1038/s41598-022-22524-2


heckinheckity t1_iwa8fvs wrote

Are approximately********

Also, interesting


morbob t1_iwatq90 wrote

At 20 year generations, that would be 15,000 generations ago. Interesting,


semperfestivus t1_iwaxpcv wrote

Gee that means that for almost 294,000 years those people couldn't be saved and went to purgatory, ... something doesn't compute.


jdpcrash t1_iwcasnz wrote

Would that warm to cool period include north Africa? Where warm periods brought on higher rainfall, inland deltas/marshland and savanna to the Sahara while cooler periods bring the conditions we see today and forced migration?


plumppshady t1_iwcj12o wrote

Yea, what doesn't compute is the religion you based that opinion off of. Find what you believe to be constantly contradicting well agreed upon science? Then your beliefs are the "doesn't compute" factor in the equation.


throwmyasswaway17 t1_iwcphl9 wrote

but pastor richard said the earth was only 6000 years old