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[deleted] t1_iwaod9u wrote



Edghyatt t1_iwaqq9w wrote

Isn’t it great to admit mistakes? Some say it takes maturity


ZenkaiZ t1_iwar27j wrote

Nah double down when you're wrong or YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE


richardpway t1_iwaqz7i wrote

It isn't that science is wrong. It is that science updates what it knows, when it learns what was believed to be true was incorrect. For thousands of years, many believed that because the old testament said insects had 4 legs, that the extra two appendages were non functional. But when someone realised the ancients were wrong, they changed their minds.


danteheehaw t1_iwbcbye wrote

But the incest babies extra appendages are non functional. Clearly it was just a typo


RobertBringhurst t1_iwbg1jy wrote

What? My daughter can use her tail to grab things. It's not very useful because it's really short, but it is functional.


danteheehaw t1_iwbghdp wrote

Which daughter? The first one or the one that's also your daughter's mother


Hans_H0rst t1_iwar6mc wrote

You don’t really grasp the concept of science, do you?


usrevenge t1_iwar4g4 wrote

That's how science works.

You make a theory and test it and if everyone tests it too and you were right it becomes considered a scientific fact.

But if someone proves that you were wrong. Even thousands of years later we get to say we learned something new and previous research was wrong.


Breeschme t1_iwarbmk wrote

Imagine thinking the literal scientific method makes science obsolete and deserving of quotations as if it’s not a real thing.


Shinigamae t1_iwaqxz1 wrote

That's what makes science great. They are true at times with current knowledge and equipment's capabilities. Then we found out that was not correct or not truly correct, we improve our record and repeat. Science never stops expanding for even a day.


motus_guanxi t1_iwasn93 wrote

Science is never right or wrong. It’s just observations.


NeedsSomeSnare t1_iwbbj1s wrote

You understand that it was a scientific process that discovered the animals do make sound, right...?


Lopsided-Emu-8775 t1_iwb7l4s wrote

This is so funny to me. Do you really think this way? I'd love to pick your brain.


lncontheivable t1_iwc6la6 wrote

If anyone is wondering who leaves comments on porn, it's this dude

Don't go to his comment history, it's sad