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RODAMI t1_iwbsfsz wrote

Maybe bees don’t like clean environments but I don’t have a phd


CrackersII t1_iwbuqkd wrote

more likely that we can't create an environment clean enough to be safe for them


SweetBrea t1_iwc1haf wrote

More likely it is too clean and as such they cannot develop well rounded immune systems.


mrlazyboy t1_iwbwu35 wrote

Or the clean environment doesn’t contain something in nature that helps the bees maintain a healthy lifestyle


trouble37 t1_iwcjgo3 wrote

That doesnt explain why the lifespan of bees in a "clean environment" is half what is was in that same "clean environment" 50 years ago. Thats the entire point. Bees lifespan in labs is half of what it was in labs decades back. They arent comparing lab lifespans to bees in natural environments.


mrlazyboy t1_iwcrdy3 wrote

Are you sure the clean environments are exactly the same


trouble37 t1_iwd1prh wrote

So basically you are insinuating that all the labs today with bees are completely botching the parameters in the lab and all the labs from decades past had everything right. Because that would have to be the case for your hypothesis to be correct.

Do you really think that sounds feasible?

On top of that, lab parameters are the first thing they would have checked before even releasing the results. So even if it was a single lab instead of pretty much all of them, it STILL would be highly unlikely, and as it stands is basically 100 percent not the answer when accounting for multiple labs from past and present.