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SweetBrea t1_iwc1mye wrote

You don't think a negative impact can take generations to really start to be observable to us? You don't think generations in a lab without access to the environment that builds an immune system can eventually have large effects on the population as a whole?


DonUdo t1_iwc29ip wrote

Why would you think they breed them exclusively in the lab instead of taking princesses from outside population?


SweetBrea t1_iwc4z03 wrote

Because they literally claim they are "independent of environmental stressors". How could they be sure it isn't environmental if they were just repeatedly harvesting them from, ya know, the environment?


Kangie t1_iwc84qe wrote

> [environmental] Stressors are environmental factors that cause stress. They include biotic factors such as food availability, the presence of predators, infection with pathogenic organisms or interactions with conspecifics, as well as abiotic factors such as temperature, water availability and toxicants.