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Smooth_Imagination t1_iwds7nn wrote

First thought is location due to roads. Particulate matter might be a factor, as well as diet. Dietary quality equality is not something I hear getting mentioned but could be a large component of any plan to seriously address disparities like this. We know that working classes tend to have worse diets, a stress related response but also has an affordability component since agricultural subsidies tend to favour the end product of unhealthy foods, which are then cheaper..

I assume hispanics might be more rurally located (pure assumption here). Another factor could be connections between autoimmune disease, MS and vitamin D.


Wagamaga OP t1_iwcimqx wrote

The brains of Black adults in the U.S. age more quickly than those of white and Hispanic adults, showing features linked to Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias as early as mid-life, according to a new study.

The study, published Monday in JAMA Neurology, analyzed the MRI scans of nearly 1,500 participants from two racially and ethnically diverse cohorts. It found that Black adults in mid-life — on average, in their mid-50s — were more likely than white or Hispanic adults of the same age to have a higher prevalence of white matter lesions, markers of cerebrovascular disease that are associated with cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease.

Previous research has established stark racial disparities in Alzheimer’s disease, which affects more than 6 million Americans. Hispanic people are 1.5 times more likely to have the disease than white people, while Black people are twice as likely to have the disease compared to those who are white. The new study strengthens the case that vascular disease may be especially detrimental to brain health in Black populations, and may start to affect the brain far earlier in life than previously thought.


letmeinmannnnn t1_iwe8svk wrote

After being addicted to ketamine for 4 years I'm scared for what my brain looks like... I've noticed cognitive decline, hopefully it's reversible with abstinence


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jimmy_the_angel t1_iwck1al wrote

It’s as if stress makes people age quicker.


kushhaze420 t1_iwem1c9 wrote

I was thinking PTSD. I bet if they did the study based on economic status, most would be found in those who lived in poverty. Poverty kills.


ILovePornAndDrugs t1_iwg4qbn wrote

the governments are poisoning minorities! wake up!


QncyFie t1_iwnxqqa wrote

Prolly weed and I mean like legit