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Data-Hungry t1_iwfry2s wrote

Antivax head gonna explode 15 years from now when 80% vaccines are mRNA


[deleted] t1_iwg1fe1 wrote

Nah, they're just going to forget about ever having a problem with it, but then repeat the exact same process for whatever technology is new at the time.


RumpelStilty t1_iwgejdd wrote

Extremely accurate. Social media a prime example -- boomers have finally accepted Facebook.. as it dies. But are vehemently against Instagram and other platforms for the same reason they didn't like Facebook in 2008.

I'd hate to constantly be behind the curve man.. I dunno


big_trike t1_iwgey21 wrote

Yup. They'll be afraid of the 6g towers and claim 5g is safe.


NoBorscht4U t1_iwima7t wrote

Oh that 6G stuff is evil. It'll make your hemorrhoids grow molars of their own


faciepalm t1_iwfzmoe wrote

They're going to explode in a couple years when governments are spraying aerosol mRNA rabies vaccines aerially over forests and I'm all for it


koei19 t1_iwgwnux wrote

By then they'll all be dead from preventable diseases