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badmama_honey_badger t1_iwhd65k wrote

I just recently learned how deadly rabies is! By the time you have symptoms you are ~90% likely to die. Roughly 6% of people who live have a weird immunity they still haven’t figured out. This is amazing. I hope it can be used in humans quickly.


matrixus t1_iwhgk12 wrote

It is more like %99.9 and only 6-7 persons got away with it but doctors are not sure they were infected with rabies. So you can say that it is %100.


badmama_honey_badger t1_iwhh5io wrote

Thanks for the correction


matrixus t1_iwhi41a wrote

No worries mate, once i was pretty scared due to a dog bite so i always care about right knowledge about rabies. Nasty stuff.


Smooth-Dig2250 t1_iwjheqt wrote

Right the protocol for survival is also... barely surviving, with extensive damage


ugrxhkov t1_iwhgo3e wrote

That is severely downplaying the virus. If left untreated, it's safe to say that 100% of patients die. As far as i'm aware of, only 3 people survived, all left with serious health problems. Google "Milwaukee protocol". So saying that it's around 90% is like saying there's a chance. There isn't. If assumed exposure do not hesitate to get shots.


divinebovine t1_iwhpegb wrote

Radiolab has a good episode on it. They mention that there are some people with natural immunity to it.

You can find more on it in this journal.