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Cilidra t1_iwjfgij wrote

In cats, we have genetically modified (recombinants) Rabies vaccine. What they did is genetically modify a benign virus (canary pox) for it to express surface proteins of rabies.

While this is not a Mra vaccine, it's still a better vaccine than the traditional killed vaccine. It'S also a very advanced vaccine technology. They even made a similar vaccine for a retrovirus (Feline leukemia) which is something in the same general group as the AIDS virus in people. The recombinant vaccine are also much safer than traditional vaccine (in cats at least).

Funny annecdote, when they tried to get the vaccine approved for 3 years, they failed the studies 2 times (get got it on a modify protocol on the 3th try). Not because the vaccine failed, but because the live vaccine probably spread to the control patients. None of the control contracted Rabies after 3 years even if they didn't get the vaccine injected. The vaccine was so good and would work even if spread naturally that it kept causing failure.


BrightAd306 t1_iwmze23 wrote

I thought the theory was that the virus wasn’t strong enough, not that the vaccine spread to the other animals?