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Cadmium_Aloy t1_iy8b3ir wrote

If it helps, I'm going to use this as an impetus to try to use podcasts more mindfully to body double and stop being stuck in executive dysfunction loops. Something about body doubling really helps me get going when I need to clean or do a task (a part of me assumes having that connection there is less uncomfortable than being alone, so it's one less anxiety in the way).

I can't rely on my friends to help me all the time, because then I'll never do the dishes. I'll look to podcasts as a supplement.

It's just the task of finding the right podcast that I often get stuck on....


memetunis t1_iyblj05 wrote

This is exactly how I use podcasts. I need to clean the kitchen, for example, put on a podcast. To avoid getting hung up on choosing one just search top podcasts of 2022 or November and pick from the top five. Go from there.