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Dr_Edge_ATX t1_iy8q2sc wrote

I worked remotely pre-Covid and then was back in an office once Covid hit. When we all went remote my company actually asked if I had any tips for working from home and one of my tips was that listening to podcasts can make the day feel better because it makes it feel like you're part of a conversation. Everyone sort of laughed and was like really? It gets that lonely?

And I was like I'm not sure lonely is the correct word but you do lose a lot of mental and social stimulation from working at home. And as creepy as it sounds if you listen to one podcast long enough you do feel like you know the hosts and bit and that you're sort of part of the conversation even though you're just engaging in your head.

Anyway just thought this was a cool study that sort of backs up my theory that had no evidence besides my own experience.