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vandom t1_iy9hlcl wrote

A friend told me to ask you which podcasts you listen to to feel less lonely.


[deleted] t1_iy9rgdl wrote

Stuff You Should Know! It’s two very likeable, low-key dudes who do deep-dive research into random topics and can make literally anything interesting. They keep it upbeat, unbiased, and PG (which is just more comfortable for me when I’m running low on emotional reserves). No conflict or strong emotions, just comfortable banter, interesting facts, and a chuckle or two.


Fimbulvetr2012 t1_iyak5jw wrote

Hey Riddle Riddle. Its fun and wholesome and fuckin silly as all hell. Listen to them every day, and it feels like being a fly on the wall to your best friends just cutting up


Icy_Garbage9503 t1_iybzc2u wrote

Not sure if you like DnD but Not Another DnD Podcast has honestly gotten me through a rough couple of years. The storytelling is incredible with a bunch of goofs and just all around fun. Give the first couple episodes a try. Even if you don't know anything about DnD, one of the players has never played before either so everything is simple and broken down to understand