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Jason_Batemans_Hair t1_iy4n5t3 wrote

> And you were aware of a correlation between vulnerable narcissism and body-image self consciousness leading to sexual distress in men prior to this study?

Considering they are practically definitionally correlated, I think everyone who knew the terms was aware.


Yashema t1_iy4p536 wrote

They are not definitionally correlated and are two different concepts which is why this paper south to correlate them.


Jason_Batemans_Hair t1_iy4tngp wrote

I was not expecting "Nuh-uh" as a reply.


Yashema t1_iy4uwwe wrote

Again, if you only read the context provided by PsyPost you would see your equivocation of the two terms shows an incorrect understanding of how the terms are defined in the field of psychology:

> Study participants completed an assessment of sexual distress that used items from the Sexual Complaint Screener for Men (SCS-M), of body image self-consciousness (Male Body Image Self-Consciousness Scale), partner-oriented sexual perfectionism (Multidimensional Sexual Perfectionism Questionnaire) and pathological narcissistic traits of vulnerable, and grandiose narcissism (Pathological Narcissism Inventory, PNI).

The two concepts measure different things.


Jason_Batemans_Hair t1_iy511fn wrote

Calling terms "definitionally correlated" is not "equivocation". There seem to be a lot of terms here that you don't understand.

I have no more time for this unproductive conversation. Cheers.


Yashema t1_iy523zb wrote

Again the Psypost press release cannot be any more clear that the two terms are measured by separate scales. You apparently understand little of psychology.

I assume most of your discussions are unproductive if you double down when shown to be wrong.