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slickhedstrong t1_iy5iuts wrote

what the heck is vulnerable narcissism


Kipzi t1_iy5kkje wrote

People who get hostile when you don't put them on a pedestal and are arrogant in a quiet way


mjduce t1_iy69evb wrote

What about people who are quietly arrogant, but don't demand to be put on a pedestal?


Kipzi t1_iy69wxr wrote

I googled it because I was confused too.

Meet the vulnerable (covert) narcissist

Often referred to as “covert narcissists,” the vulnerable narcissist (like the overt narcissist) has a narcissistic personality disorder.

However, vulnerable narcissists hide their narcissistic traits from the world, and unlike their overt counterparts, covert or vulnerable narcissists usually appear to be shy, reserved, and modest individuals. People with covert narcissism

Despite the mask they present to the world, vulnerable narcissists are chronically envious of others, have difficulty handling criticism, and lack empathy toward others. Woman with borderline personality disorder Covert narcissist

The covert narcissist is extremely sensitive to any slights in criticism and constantly compares themselves to family, friends, and co-workers.

People with covert narcissism usually prefer to be alone, mainly because of their hypersensitivity to other people’s judgments or perceived criticisms


ilikepizza2much t1_iy7s4ga wrote

I’ve dated someone like this. What’s so confusing and manipulative is that their selfishness is wrapped up in self pity