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Dreidhen t1_iwgufcs wrote

>When they extracted and dried out the skin, they found it is flexible, a good insulator, can withstand temperatures of more than 200°C (390°F) and has a thickness similar to that of a sheet of paper – good properties for a circuit’s substrate.

Mushrooms are amazing


GTdspDude t1_iwiozwa wrote

So… not a computer chip. A substrate is the base material of a PCBA (typically FR4 with copper layers), a computer chip is silicon.


SnavlerAce t1_iwjcnru wrote

Flipchip applications come to mind. Source: 30 years of IC layout.


GTdspDude t1_iwje0jb wrote

You mean SOC or something with an interposer? Cuz wouldn’t flip chip be bare silicon down to PCBA?