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buzzjimsky t1_iwh11dv wrote

Humans are more closely related to mushrooms and other fungus than they are to trees and plants... humans and fungi breath oxygen and expel co2.. trees and other plants do the opposite

We in the same family


Overhomeoverjordan t1_iwh26ef wrote

We're not even in the same kingdom.


buzzjimsky t1_iwh5hwg wrote

I read somewhere that our lineage converge if you follow the trail back through evolution

More so than plants .. is that incorrect?


Overhomeoverjordan t1_iwh60r4 wrote

No that's correct fungi are more closely related to animila than Plantae but the same family as humans would be orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas.


buzzjimsky t1_iwh6wck wrote

Ah i see... Yeh I understand what you mean now.. as in scientific classifications. Quite right my learned friend


911derbread t1_iwhshz4 wrote

Hey, it appears you don't quite understand how plants function. Plants indeed reduce oxygen to H2O to make ATP, the energy chemical all living things must produce. They do it with the same enzyme, ATP synthase, that every living organism on earth possesses. They do this by oxidizing carbohydrates into CO2 through the same reactios we do.

What plants are also able to do is harvest the energy in sunlight to turn CO2 and water back into carbohydrates. Because most of their structure is made of carbohydrates and carbohydrate compounds, they must do a lot of this, so they net consume CO2 and produce O2.