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cvntis4 t1_iwh7rk2 wrote

i don't think this quite fits a 'biological computer,' in that case the circuit would be designed to work synchronously with the nervous system of the mushroom, not just fitted on top of nonliving skin


srentiln t1_iwha75c wrote

Combine it with the neural tissue grown on a circuit board, and boptronics starts sounding more likely than ever.


More_Butterfly6108 t1_iwhggh2 wrote

If we can grow and ear in the lab we can grow. Circuit board


NightChime t1_iwhsyn2 wrote

Even if it winds up being 10 years behind in terms of performance, if it's cheap enough it could be a market changer.


acebandaged t1_iwhxn4t wrote

Nervous system of the mushroom?


cvntis4 t1_iwkqmar wrote

yeah idk i'm not a mycologist. i just assumed they had one i.e. some specific system to send signals across themselves with electric impulses


acebandaged t1_iwoelen wrote

Mushrooms use something similar for communication between fruiting bodies, specifically sending electrical signals over distances using mycelial threads called hyphae. Within the fruiting bodies (what people think of as mushrooms), I believe it's mostly chemical signaling. Plants also generally use chemical signals, via releasing VOCs, secreting chemicals into the soil, or by sending them through the same channels used for water and nutrients.