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Top-Night t1_iwkkxqu wrote

The dam in that picture looks like an accident waiting to happen


patrickkannibale t1_iwkoye7 wrote

Can anyone tell where it is? The article doenst specificate, but I want to know cause the picture triggers my anxiety


annandin t1_iwkxkqw wrote

Gordon dam in Tasmania. A very impressive piece of engineering. The water level is quite low you can see from the vegetation where it used to be up to.


Top-Night t1_iwkpc9x wrote

According to Google lens it is the Gordon Dam, located in South West Tasmania, Australia.


willowtr332020 t1_iwlhn43 wrote

In what way?

You can abseil off it, if you want.


Top-Night t1_iwljg1b wrote

I’m sure it’s totally sound and safe, it just seems like an incredible amount of force behind it abd if it ever were to fail there would be catastrophic consequences. Not sure what’s below the dam.