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Moont1de t1_ixeff29 wrote

I don't care about fat, but as a vegan this is super cool


boomerxl t1_ixf9sc9 wrote

There’s still some milk protein involved in it’s production.


DanimusMcSassypants t1_ixffql7 wrote

I’m curious as to how vegans will react to lab-grown animal products (like meat and dairy). Sounds like if the animal exploitation component is removed you’d be ok with consuming them?

(Obviously I do not expect you to speak for all vegans. Just curious.)


Swarna_Keanu t1_ixfi6rv wrote

I guess as with most of the topic - different from one to the next. Vegans turn vegan for different reasons - connected to ethics. My main driver is climate change, biodiversity loss, with animal abuse important but a bit further down the list. (i.e. I don't think hunter gatherers were wrong - but they had a clear set of not taking too much and honouring what they killed ... so I am not entirely against, but very much so against the scale and the industrial nature of it; against lab research and against harm to animals). I would eat road kill, if I were living somewhere that'd be feasible - which means I am on a vegan diet, as the same person with stricter rules, but don't follow an absolute vegan philosophy.

[I'd choose wool over an oil-based or cotton wool t-shirt as the latter too are more damaging in relation to my core issues.]

So in this case - I'd want to look at energy costs, what it does to the big picture - i.e. what are the social outcomes. But I also eat vegan as a highly meat based diet just really isn't what we are designed for. And there's an aspect of power behind it, too - who is producing the lab meat and where do the profits go; what do they do with the profits?

I am partly vegan because "conventional" farming also contributes to biodiversity loss - and at least being more vegetable focused reduces, but doesn't eliminate that part. So ... loads a factors to see, observe, think through before I can have a clear ethical stance on it.


Ok_Lifeguard_6508 t1_ixhd907 wrote

Hunter gatherers wiped out megfauna pretty much everywhere they went across the globe. The idea of hunter gatherers in balance we with nature is largely a myth.


DanimusMcSassypants t1_ixfinex wrote

Thanks for the thoughtful response. I recognize the complexity of the issue, and my intention wasn’t to oversimplify. Im very interested to see how this develops.


Moont1de t1_ixfggr9 wrote

> Sounds like if the animal exploitation component is removed you’d be ok with consuming them?

Sure! As long as no part of the producing process involves harming or using animals in any way


Rincewinded t1_ixgqeyf wrote

I won't eat them as if they are true copies still unhealthy though ethically fine.


Strazdas1 t1_ixgz00d wrote

Not a vegan but i would love lab grown meat. Its just so much safer than animal grown one.


simer23 t1_ixfukxx wrote

Aquafaba whipped cream is an option and far more readily available


sunflower_jim t1_ixgar8e wrote

Yeah, these scientist clearly never heard of it.

Scientists: “We have made a whip creamed alternative!”

Vegans: “Oh nice, is it whipped bean water too?”

Scientists: “What? You can do that!”


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Moont1de t1_ixfp6o0 wrote

Bacteria are not animals no


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Scoobydoomed t1_ixg2fug wrote

You know you have bacteria on EVERYTHING right? Vegetables, fruits, the air, your skin…it’s virtually impossible to not eat bacteria. Even if you only ate sterilized food there is still bacteria in the air you breath, and in your guts.


Moont1de t1_ixfu1up wrote

I draw the line at metazoa, everything else is fair game