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noweezernoworld t1_iwmhchx wrote

You get in planes that operate based on improvements from Wright brothers prototypes. You go to psychologists that operate based on improvements from Freudian insights. That’s how science works.


tornpentacle t1_iwmlrd0 wrote

Everything Freud ever said (except one thing) has been thoroughly refuted, debunked, and ridiculed by genuine empirical science.

The only thing that has carried over is the concept of the subconscious—the mental events occur of which we are not aware.

And he didn't even start the field of psychology.

Edit: Since you had such a problem with the colloquial language used to write the comment, I added the parenthetical aside.

I also would like to add that modern psychology is not composed of improvements on Freud's nonsense, again except in the case of the subconscious (but only its existence). Modern psychology is basically entirely composed of refutations of Freud's ideas. And yes, that is how science works, and that's precisely why his ideas shouldn't be given attention in popular discourse.


onlinebeetfarmer t1_iwmrumo wrote

The contribution of the unconscious was huge though! He was also the first to popularize actually listening to patients (psychoanalysis) which gave way to talk therapy. Of course, many of his ideas about sexuality and repression are incompatible with what we know now.


The-Magic-Sword t1_iwnmq4e wrote

Even his ideas about sexuality are kind of interesting, viewed in the light that he first went forward with the finding that many women were experiencing sexual abuse and intended to expose that, and was then shut down and ridiculed by the establishment at the time-- you can read his theories that followed as a circular means to trick the establishment into allowing those women a space to talk about it and tools to somewhat cope with it, which was probably better than the nothing they would get before.


Strazdas1 t1_iwp9nrn wrote

>Everything Freud ever said (except one thing) has been thoroughly refuted, debunked, and ridiculed by genuine empirical science.

You mean to say a caricature of everything Freud ever said has been refuted, debunked and rodiculed by science that turned out to be false (see seratonin theory for example).


tornpentacle t1_iwmnsdp wrote

You don't seem to interpret language in the same way as the rest of the English-speaking world. Most people understand the concept of hyperbole.

It makes for a stronger point to have two separate sentences than to say "everything (except one thing)" in one go.

If that's your entire argument, I guess the overwhelming consensus among scientists is doing pretty well.

Edit: the guy deleted an unreasonable comment; this is a response to it. Just had to call him out on a fallacious argument.