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kuyo t1_iwmjacx wrote

Boy, Freud would have loved to study you. Freud is much more than a fantasist, which is why he will be immortalized in human history. You will be forgotten rather quickly.


tornpentacle t1_iwmmjwo wrote

Freud would have loved to study that guy, and his unconscious biases (against someone with a negative opinion of him, Freud) and his irrational, fevered brain would have led to him saying that guy really just wants to sleep with his own mother.

There's a reason science ignores him today. Literally the only thought of Freud's that has carried over is the concept of the subconscious mind—that mental events occur of which people are not aware.

If you are not aware of how thoroughly the rest of Freud's ramblings have been debunked, then I'm afraid you haven't been exposed to even a 101-level of information.


noweezernoworld t1_iwniyj6 wrote

>a 101-level of information

And I’m pretty sure that’s where you stopped based on your uninformed commentary


splasherino t1_iwwi9si wrote

Its called "unconscious", not "subconscious". Since you claim to know so well about how Freud is wrong about everything else, it's somewhat surprising that you don't even know the correct word for what you accept him to be right about.


Any_Geologist9302 t1_iwn0be2 wrote

>which is why he will be immortalized in human history

Yes - he'll be immortalized for what he inspired, not for contributions to scientific literature.