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poquito_kale t1_iwspiun wrote

Welp, based on these data (or any available data) it's hard to make recommendations regarding what might be a problem on a societal level, and making those recommendations on an individual level is nearly impossible.

My take on this study however is that the authors intentionally made an extraordinarily exaggerated intervention and then measured short term effects.

That's the secret recipe for a huge effect in your study results.

What's not clear from this study is whether what the authors describe as stress of high fat (moderate carbohydrate, moderate protein) diet produces a permanent detrimental effect that will kill humans or make their lives more miserable faster and earlier than a low fat diet.

So, given that people have healthfully enjoyed many different macronutrient compositions throughout human history, I don't believe that their exaggerated-for-effect short term intervention in a non human species that canonically eats low fat is relevant to our lives.

Why didn't traditional indigenous Inuit suffer insurmountable barriers to reproductive success if this short term effect is relevant to humans?