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phdoofus t1_iwt13rx wrote

Too bad my dad didn't know but by that point it was kind of inevitable


ConqueredCorn t1_iwt2wv3 wrote

What are you saying? If he knew they were related he could have done something?


phdoofus t1_iwt4j8h wrote

Maybe but by the time he came down with MD we were all surprised he hadn't already had a heart attack


Last-Initial3927 t1_iwt6xpu wrote

Had heard a little about this before under the “lipotoxicity” hypothesis of MD where extracellular fat exerts stress on retinal cells and is “organised” by secreted lipoproteins. I believe it was a cycle of disrupted cell architecture (diminishing surface area) and increased local metabolic derangement.


fwubglubbel t1_iwtf841 wrote

“For the first time, we have been able to connect these specific high-risk cardiovascular diseases to a specific form of AMD, the one with subretinal drusenoid deposits (SDDs),”

I really miss true journalism.


qawsedrf12 t1_iwtb7mt wrote

age-related ? is there a non age-related form

and does this include dry vs wet ?


Hegar t1_iwti5px wrote

Age-related is far more common, but macular degeneration can occur as a symptom of other conditions.

The study found the increased risk in patients with two types of cholesterol deposits formed under the retina, but it didn't mention whether that was more common in wet or dry. I'm not a doctor though so someone else may know more about that.


piches t1_iwvjpkj wrote

if you are really near sighted you can get myopic macular degeneration


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doomdoggie t1_iwtooxa wrote

As you get older your eyesight deteriorates and your risk of serious heart problems increases...OK cool, we already knew this.


Morphized t1_iwtfibm wrote

So science confirms that old people get heart problems?