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AaronRodgersToe t1_iwvh4f8 wrote

Attachment theory is from the 50s.

Edit: I’m not saying it’s dated. I was simply letting them know it’s not new info. Chill guys


RubyRaven907 t1_iwvsurl wrote

That it’s dated make it any less relevant? I’m sincere in asking this.


BrainlessPhD t1_iwwaht4 wrote

No, it's one of the few social psychology theories that has really withstood the test of time and many, many replications. There are some relevant criticisms that it takes a fairly Western perspective (See a recent PNAS paper arguing that its conceptualization of child socioemotional development is not universal across cultures), but the theory has roots in Mary Ainsworth's work studying family dynamics in Uganda, so it's not completely based only on Western research.


RubyRaven907 t1_iwwbwe7 wrote

I’m so glad you guys didn’t burn down Attachment Theory because my own parenting philosophy relied heavily on it! Thanks @aaronrogerstoe too!


RubyRaven907 t1_iww6i9x wrote

No, no…I’m chill…I just wanted to know if it was still considered, you know…valid?


AaronRodgersToe t1_iww8amh wrote

Yes very much so! And your attachment style comes from childhood and it determines, to an extent, how you are in your adult relationships as well as how you cope with grief.