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yonicwave t1_iwvi2om wrote

if you’re curious to learn more about attachment styles and how people with different attachment styles interact, i highly recommend the book “attached.” it really changed the way i look at the world and gave me a chance to reflect on aspects of my past relationships, what triggers certain feelings and why, and think about how to avoid certain patterns for future ones.


abas t1_iwwk9e5 wrote

Attached is a good read, but particularly since this is a thread relating to avoidant attachment styles, I'll mention that book is considered to be a bit harsh towards avoidant attachment styles particularly. I've found the /r/AvoidantAttachment subreddit to be a nice community for avoidants to support each other, and it has a list of resources on the side bar that can be helpful for learning more about those attachment types.


ginga_bread42 t1_iwxeksg wrote

I've found a lot of materials relating to insecure attachment styles are more harsh on avoidant attachment for some reason. It's very odd considering they're meant to educate or help and it's portraying other styles as less of a problem that doesn't hurt others around them.