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Rinas-the-name t1_iwwqoks wrote

When they were still a thing I would only write in pencil in my address book, because I expected addresses and phone numbers to change constantly. I moved 9 times within the same small city growing up. My bio dad was dodging child support so he changed information faster than I outgrew clothes. My mom would change our phone number while I was at school because she was mad at a boyfriend. So I felt like it was on me to keep track of people and let them know how to reach us, she never did wonder how people always got our new number.

I basically parented my younger sister, and then when I graduated I had to move out and our mom moved states with her. There are very few people I trust because of that and many other situations.

I hope you get a solid group of people you can trust and learn to manage your boundaries in a healthy way.