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towerofjoy t1_iwx19kv wrote

What’s the scientific opinion about attachment styles? I remember reading somewhere that it wasn’t that highly respected.


ginga_bread42 t1_iwxhfyb wrote

Its generally respected and accepted in its more modern renditions as its changed a bit over time.

Criticisms come from the fact that social relationships are complex. Some criticisms are sort of misunderstanding what the theory even says to begin with or is misrepresenting what it says.

Is it 100% correct? Probably not and I dont know of any psychology theory that is.


SlayahhEUW t1_iwyut35 wrote

The scientific opinion is that it's not a truth that works for everyone, but it's a convenient way to categorize common relationship dynamics in western, middle-class relationships.

In this specific subgroup, there is a medium correlation between the childhood and future romantic relationships. So even when looking at this specific subgroup, it's not always possible to take conclusions about someone solely from this factor.


thanks_bruh t1_iwxnekx wrote

It matters and is important, but love isn’t a one note symphony.